Important Tips for Modular Home Additions

Most modular additions are fairly basic. You get the walls, roof and floor in the kit, but anything else you need costs extra, including doors and windows. You also deal with laying down a foundation that keeps the room firmly above ground.

How do you get the best from having the modular home additions? There are three tips you need to consider when planning for home add-ons. Basically, they are the types, costs and the home builder.

Types of Modular Home Additions

There are two types of modular additions. The most common type is the one that is attached to the side of your home. This type either creates an additional room such as dining room or living room; or separates two new living elements like your servants quarter. The other one is the one put over a single story home to create a two story home. This type requires additional fee as it usually needs another floor plan.

You need to discuss the superfluities to your home with your general contractor to discuss what would be the consequences of the said move. Remember that pricing for additional rooms or any addition still depends on the size, and shape of your house.

Cost of Modular Home Additions

Determining the cost of your modular additions starts with finding a home builder. It is wise to call the service of your previous contractor when planning to have an addition for your home. Most contractors offer discounts for previous clients who needs home additions.

If you have decided to work with a modular home builder for the accompaniments, the specifications and pricing in the floor plan will be shown. Bringing photos and approximate measurement of your home exterior and interior features helps in determining the price of your project.

The price of additions is about $150 per square foot. This price is standard and it will not include other materials and specifications.

Finding a Home Builder for your Modular Home Additions

Most of the builders offer home add-ons, but only few have a standard one. This is why it is recommended to hire a general contractor with proven experience in modular construction. Your contractor has the task the same from when he built your home, with the exception of the tasks unique to complete an added room in your home.

Surprises and complexities arise during the construction of your modular home additions, which leads to mistakes and delays. This is then the reason why it is always necessary to work with your general contractor.

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