Best Practices for Qualifying Your Link Opportunities

Links play a vital role on the internet. In the previous days of the web, links were not seen as “ranking signals” but as appropriate connections and partnership connection between sites. With time links have become a leading part of the search ranking algorithms, a lot of have turned their focus to acquiring as many links as probable.

Link building is not a game of seeing who can attain the most. It’s about creating the correct connections that boost each website, as well as their users. If you are building links aimlessly, here are a number of tips on how to meet the criteria for link prospects. To boost the possibility of acquiring the most excellent link and being certain that the links you are building are significant to your site, you must take time to qualify them.

Generally, link qualification happens in 2 phases. The primary phase is a speedy review, the aim of which is to slim the list of prospects down as speedily as probable based on whether or not it congregate some high-level criteria. Phase two is a more manual phase in links.

Link qualification: Quick review

The first step for qualifying your link opportunities is to take the complete list of links you have prospected and load them into Excel or Google Sheets. Once you have listed all the links in your spreadsheet, you can start to narrow that list down to a more convenient size. Here are some of the metrics I look at when making these fast decisions about link qualification.

Keyword occurrences in URL: One of the simplest ways to establish if a link is appropriate or not by simply searching for the keyword in the URL string. Just look for the document for the keywords you have defined you want to rank.

Inbound link count: Inbound link count is the vital step in qualifying your link opportunities. Looking at the number of inbound links a potential outreach partner has is one more good way to qualify them. While a lot of the sites at the pinnacle of your list will characteristically have a lot of links. Keep in mind that link quantity should never be the only choice point for you, but it is a high-quality metric to look at when narrowing your requirement list.

Competitors: This is in reality significant. An integer of the prospecting tools will recognize competitors as linking partners. You will clearly need to get rid of these as prospects, as your competitors are unlikely to link to you.

Final thoughts

To conclude this section we can say that link building is a discipline of art and knowledge. By taking time to succeed, and maybe more prominently, disqualify link prospects, you will make certain that your link campaigns are more focused and more thriving.

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